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"On the first day of posting our company, we received a few e-mails and we also made our first outbound call. All were quality business relationships to assist our national campaigns. Thanks for everything."
John Hornbuckle
Exec. V.P. of B.D., A Company Needing Agents
Alabama, USA
"Thanks to you guys, we finally found well-performing reps in four different territories. We have tried other ways in the past, but I would definitely recommend your website because it is easier to use and more effective! I thank you for personally getting involved in searching for the best reps for us!"
Ross Dewitt
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Texas, USA
"Our experience as a member has been fantastic. We needed a very specific kind of sales agent, so I was a little doubtful when I signed up. But I was glad to find that your team really helped us in finding sales agents suitable to our needs. Your service was really unique, and it delivered results!"
Gerard DuBois
GM, A Company Needing Agents
Paris, France
"It is my pleasure to inform you that one of the sales agents which we found from has started doing business with us. I would like to share that he has given an unbelievable order to us! I am sharing this information as I feel this is my duty to inform and update you, to increase your motivational level. Thanks for your service. Please keep on sending more sales agents to us."
Jigar Mehta
Director, Company Needing Agents
Thane, India
"We are really happy with the results. The people at guided us in the right direction and put us in touch with good sales agents in different parts of China."
Jack Wang
A Company Needing Agents
Shanghai, China
"Our company being in China, did not know how to get our products into major European countries. I am very glad that we now have found the way -! At first I wasn't sure if the European sales agents would be interested in representing foreign companies, but I have received quite a few qualified inquiries over the past month of my registration."
David Zhou
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Guangdong, China
"Today is my first day of registration and I am pleasantly surprised to see that 2 sales agents have already contacted me for more information."
Tony Moynihan
VP of Sales and Marketing, A Company Needing Agents
California, USA
"I am very happy with the service. You proactively searched for and found candidates for us. I have never seen such a customized service for finding sales agents."
Raj Chandrasekhar
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Chennai, India
"I'd like to compliment for the excellent service. We are a mid-sized non-Indian company, and it was difficult for us to find sales agents in India, before we registered. Within a few days after registration, we started receiving a number of inquiries from potential sales agents with the right profile. What an efficient service! The site is easy to navigate and customer service is very responsive and friendly. I truly appreciate it!"
Tomoko Hashimoto
Director, Company Needing Agents
" is just the thing we needed! You worked hard to get us good results. I would recommend your website for any company that needs distributors."
Mark Rogers
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Illinois, USA
"I must say that SalesAgentHub has been a real success for our company. We started getting inquiries from interested sales agents shortly after we signed up. We have appointed 4 sales agents so far using this site, in different parts of Europe."
Alessandro Rossi
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Milan, Italy
"This service has helped our company to find sales agents in Africa, which was an unexplored market for us so far."
Mike Dawson
CEO, A Company Needing Agents
"We are a US-based company that were looking to enter the Europe market. I am glad to say that the team at has been very helpful. We now have reps in the U.K., France, Germany, and Belgium, all because of this service."
Ron Ethridge
CEO, A Company Needing Agents
Ohio, USA
"Being in the UK, our company didn't quite know how to enter the US market. I'm glad we saw your ad and got registered, because we were able to find and appoint sales agents who now bring us good sales!"
Gregory Button
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Manchester, UK
"I am really excited! I received 3 enquiries from sales agents today, which was my first day! Thank you for all your help."
Rick Warren
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Adelaide, Australia
"I appreciate the work you are doing. You guys have a good service and I will recommend you to some people I know."
Leonard Gibson
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Jaipur, India
"In the past, we have used traditional means of finding agents, such as newspaper ads. I don't think we would ever do so again because they are very expensive and not at all targeted. We hardly got a few relevant responses after spending all that money. On the other hand, provided us access to many targeted sales agents in our area of business, and that too, at just a fraction of the cost. We are now doing regular business with agents we found through your site."
Mahendra Patel
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Ahmedabad, India
"This is a good service. I have been able to find some very interesting sales agents within my first week. Customer service is very prompt and helpful also."
David Sheppard
Owner, A Company Needing Agents
Birmingham, UK
"I sincerely thank you for forwarding me potential companies to work with. I had recently visited Nagpur to meet with a company you referred, and I have recently signed an agreement with them to work as their sales agent. It is a very fine company. All the thanks goes to you."
Atul Shah
Independent Sales Agent
Kolkata, India
"I have been registered as a sales agent for about a week, and I am already in talks with 2 companies for selling their products."
Mark Sheffield
Independent Sales Agent
Michigan, USA
"I was able to find a new relevant product line through your site."
Carlos Herrera
Independent Sales Agent
New York, USA
"I registered as a sales agent two weeks ago, and I am now in discussions with three companies about representing their products here in Germany."
Paul Schneider
Independent Sales Agent
Munich, Germany
"I want to thank for helping me find a new product line. I didn't know it would be so easy!"
Manun Kapur
Independent Sales Agent
Noida, India
"We are a distributor company in India and have tried several times in the past to register on different B2B websites to find new products. is the best according to the results it delivered for us, free of cost. We are now distributing the product of a company which we had first found here. Thanks!!"
Nayan Shah
Sales Agent/Distributor
Mumbai, India
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