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Sales Agent ID : AGT27593
Member Since : Dec 7, 2017
Last Activity : Feb 19, 2018
Profile Viewed 235 times
Country : Peru
State : Lima
City : Lima
Agent Type : Individual Sales Agent
Monthly Sales
(in US Dollars)
: 20,001 - 100,000
Product Lines : Im currently selling Plastic caps for 5 gallons bottle water.
Exporting coffee beans.
Im looking to sell machinery for different industries and innovative products and services.
Target Customers : I market my products to water bottle companies
I market my product to coffee shops, coffee houses, restaurants, supermarkets and big importers
(in yrs)
: More than 5
Countries Covered :
  • Peru
Territories Covered : All Peru
Compensation : Commission-based sales
Education : Bachelors
Keywords : plastic products, metalworking, machinery, packaging, plastic caps, ice machines, raw materials, dyes, inks, chemicals, pharmaceutical, equipment, hotels, restaurants, coffee, hospitality, ecommerce, digital marketing, B2B, B2C, telesales, affiliate, door to door, plastic film, lamination, innovative products, electronic consumer, security cameras, lightning, textile materials, masterbatch, pellets, wine, spirits, alcoholic beverages, water industry, bottles, electronic, representative, agent, exclusive, worldwide, peru
Categories :
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