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Sales Agent ID : AGT27505
Member Since : Jun 19, 2017
Last Activity : May 1, 2018
Profile Viewed 279 times
Country : Kenya
State : Nairobi Area
City : Nairobi
Agent Type : Individual Sales Agent
Monthly Sales
(in US Dollars)
: 20,001 - 100,000
Product Lines : My main area of strength and those that am currently handling includes:
1) Equipment, machinery and associated products in vehicle registration and transport management
2) Security systems like tamper proof, Brand protection and anti-counterfeit solutions.
3) Security printing of high security products and Government systems like: Passports, Licenses, Certificates etc.
4) Power systems like; generators, power banks etc
5) Specialty Equipment and machinery in Dairy processing, education laboratories etc.
Target Customers : 1) Government agencies
2) Oil marketing companies
3) Cash-in-transit companies
4) Banks
(in yrs)
: More than 5
Countries Covered :
  • Kenya
Territories Covered : East Africa
Compensation : Commission-based sales
Education : Bachelors
Keywords : Specialty equipment and machinery, Security and transport systems, Power systems
Categories :
Chemicals, Plastics, & Raw Materials
Electrical & Lighting
Industrial Electrical, Generators, Cables, etc.
Hardware, Industrial, & Machinery
Home & Office
Security & Safety
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