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What is
Who owns
Can sales agents and companies needing agents register from anywhere in the world?
What do you mean by the term “sales agent”?
Is it free to register as a sales agent on
What are the benefits of registering as a sales agent?
Is it free to register as a company needing agents on
What are the benefits of registering as a company needing agents?
What if our company’s requirements are very specific?
How can I get more visibility on
Can help us find and appoint sales agents, according to our requirements?
What is the difference between monthly billing and annual billing?
What are the different payment options?
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Can I get a refund?
Once I am registered, how will I find what I am looking for?
Once I register as a company needing agents, how many sales agents can I contact?
Once I register as a sales agent, can I contact all the companies on
Are all of the sales agents registered on actively looking for new product lines and opportunities?
If I use a contact ticket to contact a sales agent and the agent does not reply back to me, do I lose a contact ticket?
Can guarantee that we will end up appointing sales agents?
Are the members registered on your site affiliated with
Can the sales agents or companies registered on be trusted?
How can I find a sample sales agent agreement that my company can sign with sales agents that we want to appoint?
How much commission should my company pay a sales agent?
Will I be active as soon as I finish the registration?
Is there a customer service team and sales team that can help me?
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