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Company ID : CMP26303
Member Since : Jun 5, 2017
Last Activity : Nov 10, 2017
Profile Viewed 450 times
Country : United States
State : California
City : Laguna Hills
Year Established : 2015
Company Annual Sales
(in US Dollars)
: 0 - 500,000
Products : The Deetop Co.,Ltd ,one of Group company's subsidiaries, located in Laguna hills ,CA, the United States and mainly focus on trading between China and USA, now we are planning to trade commodities as selected above and seeking an experienced sales agent that have at least 5 staff and 5 yrs -team.
Our group company involves in varieties of products in several industries, like power station, port, paper&pulp,mineral ,bulk material handling,construction material etc.
so now contact us and find what areas of opportunities we can see.
key highlights bout Cons-material:Micro-crystalline glass ceramic products; construction material; new technology and environmentally friendly; energy conservation innovation.
Expected Work : Sales agent is expected to have solid relationship with distributors or end users' network.
Countries Needed :
  • United States
Territories Needed : California is necessary and other states - the more the better.
Compensation : Sales Agent gets commission from company on sales
Keywords : Micro-crystalline glass ceramic products, construction material, new technology and environmentally friendly, energy conservation innovation
Categories :
Chemicals, Plastics, & Raw Materials
Building Materials & Construction
Rubber & Plastics
Wood & Timber
Hardware, Industrial, & Machinery
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